Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nice Touch

It was a true New York City wedding setting...a landmark building, traffic in a terrible snarl, and the bustling Feast of San Gennaro at the back of the building.
In the middle of it all, Jillian and Alan found a quiet oasis of white flowers and lovely chamber music to have their wedding ceremony.
This wedding took place in the event space at The Puck Building. (Remember the opening scenes of the TV show "Will and Grace" where a brick building with a statue of a "puckish" figure is shown? That's The Puck Building!)

At the outset of the ceremony during a few moments of silence, Alan lighted a candle in memory of a good friend. Memorial candles at a ceremony invoke the presense of the departed loved ones. The glowing light of that candle reminded us all of the tenuous flickering gift of life...so let us live it well!

Jillian and Alan hired a dedicated, smart, unflappable, and focused wedding planner - Candice Benson from The Finishing Touch. Good sense of humor too! Whatever her fee, it was a well-spent part of their wedding budget. She and her staff were there for every detail, and the somewhat complex wedding event went smoothly.
Have you ever been to a wedding reception when you wished the cocktail hour wouldn't end? Well, Jillian and Alan's reception was a long cocktail hour...no formal sit-down meal. It was just perfect...good band, a variety of delicious food, and an inviting arrangement of informal tables and chairs that promoted the movement of guests from conversation to conversation. There was limited traditional seating at tables for family elders - very considerate. Great idea to make a reception one to remember!
As I was leaving, I glimpsed the wedding cake out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the icing on the cake was done in the image of Jillian's artwork...the flowers on the wedding program. Nice finishing touch!

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